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Portable hand-cranked charging radio

Can be generated by their own power, FM / AM portable hand-cranked charging radio ICF-B03

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Company name:Sony Corporation.
    1-7-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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C1 extraction
B5 energy saving
A5 resource consumption
A4 wastes
A1 climate change

【Product details】

Rotate the handle, charge the rechargeable battery of internal organs. Even without a battery you can use the FM / AM radio and lights. In addition, you can charge from either the hand-cranked charging and batteries to smartphone ※ · mobile phone. About 60 minutes receive the AM radio in hand-cranked charging of one minute. About 15 minutes of light lighting, mobile phone if the role 90 minutes waiting, you can call about 3 minutes ※. In addition, the spotlight, also two types of high-intensity LED light of the soft light equipment. In drip-proof to protect the body from a small amount of rain and spray, it is the one to rely on in a pinch. Also large and tuning knobs, such as left and right Both Mawaseru handle, was stuck in ease of use. Other than carrying pouch and hand strap, also comes with whistle of emergency, it is a greedy products of enhancement function. ※ It does not correspond to some models such as the iPhone ※ standby time and talk time are approximate. It is not intended to apply to all models. URL Last update: May 25, 2013

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