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Grease-Trap cleaning products

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Company name:Asahi Kasei Corporation.
    1-1, Hiratanaka-cho, Suzuka, Mie Prefecture
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A4 wastes
B6 environment cleaning

【Product details】

”This is a new series of cleaning products for restaurants to remove kitchen garbage,grease,colloidal sediment or sludge from the drains at the kitchens. The products will reduce the damage to the sewer system. Our cleaning products consist of following 3 products; ””Greasenet”” is a specially made net used to remove kitchen garbage. ””Greaseclean”” is a sheet to absorb oil stayed in the Greasenet. A 50cm2 of Greaseclean sheet is capable of absorbing as much as 1Kg of oil. ””Sukuinbo”” is a tool to remove sludge that is accumulated at the bottom of Greasetrap”

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