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High-tech interior finish wallpaper material

Health-conscious school for Seratairu in consideration of environmental conservation

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    1405-3, Akishino-cho, Nara, Nara Prefecture
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A4 wastes
B5 energy saving
B6 environment cleaning
C5 product use/maintenance/repair
C6 waste

【Product details】

Serantairu is water absorption outstanding tiles baked in the hyper Serang and soil. Other to help prevent tipping by water absorption effect of the tile if sink to the floor of the bathroom, etc., to absorb the mites, mold and hazardous substances and suspended particles and odors such as bacteria in the air, to decompose reduction by the action of silver ions. All this product is being used for natural materials, without the industrial waste after use, even this point is a friendly commercial materials to the environment.

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