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IC package

Quality, an electronic apparatus for IC package with reliability and environmental

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A1 climate change
A4 wastes
B4 higher performance
B5 energy saving
C4 production

【Product details】

IC package densified using the lead frame (L / F) and organic materials with metals, BGA · FC-XGA miniaturization, further include CSP · WLP miniaturization, PCs and mobile terminal devices It has been used, for example. These products are, use reduction of the amount of metal or resin, miniaturization due to high density, reduction of lead solder usage by the size of the terminal, a high-heat-resistant material that corresponds to the palladium plating, halogen-free materials and lead-free it is the the greening. In addition, energy-saving measures of the package manufacturing process, such as by waste reduction and contributes to reduce the environmental impact of the global environment.

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