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Block (brick-like blocks)

Aimed at the realization of a recycling society, non-firing brick-like blocks for the industry and local governments

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Company name:Tokyo Power Technology Ltd.
    4-6-14, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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A1 climate change
A4 wastes
B1 easy-to-recycle
B7 use of recycled materials
C4 production

【Product details】

Unfired brick-style block "Ah Than Brix" is a manufacturing byproducts and waste generated from industry and local governments to use more than 80 percent of the raw materials, to support the implementation and zero emission of a recycling-oriented society product. High density without burning, by new technology "non-firing solidification technology" that can be solidified with natural drying, you can reduce about 40% of CO2 emissions compared to conventional fired bricks.

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