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By clean exhaust gas and the fuel-saving, heavy-duty trucks for long-distance transport for giga

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Company name:Isuzu Motors Limited.
    6-26-1, Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
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A1 climate change
A5 resource consumption
B3 resource saving
B5 energy saving
C5 product use/maintenance/repair

【Product details】

Combustion optimization technology, electronic control technology, compatible with the 2004 exhaust emission regulations by the exhaust gas after-treatment technology, the ministry "ultra-low PM emission diesel vehicles ☆☆☆" (PM value: less than 0.05g / KW · h) certification along with the clean emissions performance that received of, equipped with a fuel-saving shift machine "Smoother-G", is an environment-friendly heavy-duty truck, which was significantly improved fuel economy.

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