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Consumer passenger car that takes into account a variety of environmental load reduction in the life cycle Civic Hybrid

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Company name:Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
    2-1-1, Minato-ku, Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo
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A1 climate change
A2 air pollution
B1 easy-to-recycle
B5 energy saving
C5 product use/maintenance/repair

【Product details】

The engine as the main power, equipped with Honda's own hybrid system "3-stage i-VTEC + IMA" the motor is to assist as needed, such as start and acceleration. Low rotation in accordance with the running situation, and the high-speed rotation, do the three stages of valve control of cylinder deactivation "3-stage i-VTEC" engine, by the significantly higher efficiency "IMA", 1.8L gasoline engine comparable in 1.3L while demonstrating a low-speed torque, ultra-low fuel consumption of 31.0km / L. To adopt a high-precision air-fuel ratio control and high-density catalytic converter, and cleaner exhaust gas, the reduction of CO2, we are both at a high level.

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