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Bumper recycling technology

The bumpers are no longer needed in the powder, and re-use as a raw material for new vehicle bumpers technology

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A4 wastes
A5 resource consumption
B3 resource saving
B7 use of recycled materials
C1 extraction
C2 material and parts preparation

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'· Vehicle factory bumper and that are discarded if there is a problem at the time of production in an accident in exchange recovered bumper is needed (also scrapped bumpers in 2013), and once finely crushed bumper, remaining coating the recycled material to peel off the membrane. It is reused as the material of the bumper for mounting on new And recycling material from 2 to 30% cheaper than the new material For the first time adopted, "leaf", expanded to models such as the "Cube" and "Juke" Source: 2011/02/08 Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun 2011/07/18 Companies Answer:

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