What is Eco-M.C.P.S?

Eco-MCPS database is "Eco-Material" (Eco-Material) which is "human-friendly material that can be manufactured, used, recycled or discarded with less environmental load while having excellent characteristics and functions" It is a collection of data on parts (Eco - Components), products (Eco - Products) and services (Eco - Service) using materials. This database name is named after taking an acronym for Material, Components, Products, Service.

Materials have value as materials only when used in parts, products, and services that are systems that provide specific functions. In this database, not only "material" itself but also "parts", "product", "service" are recorded together with the thought of becoming a hint to material utilization and advanced material technology. In addition, it is possible to choose materials according to the environmental performance that is important for material development.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would like to think about application and material development from the viewpoint of application by accessing this database.